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Everything you need to know about Fuel Cards?

What is a Fuel Card?

A fuel card is an alternative payment method for drivers that allows you to track spend, limit usage and manage expenses more efficiently. It can also help you manage your business vehicles fuel costs. No matter how many vehicles you have in your fleet, there are many benefits to managing your costs with a fuel card.

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9 Simple Steps

Account Setup

You can set up a fuel card account, and you’ll have the flexibility to issue cards either per driver or per vehicle, depending on their specific needs.

Transaction Reporting

Every transaction made with the fuel card is electronically recorded and sent to Xpress Fuels. This reporting ensures accurate tracking of fuel expenses.

Invoice Issuance

Each week, typically on a Tuesday, Xpress Fuels generates an invoice summarising the previous week's fuel spend. This provides you with a clear and concise overview of your expenses.

Fuelling Process

When it's time to refuel, drivers take their designated fuel card to the petrol station. Instead of paying with cash or a credit/debit card, they use the fuel card for the transaction.

Payment Methods:

Fuel cards typically work with either a chip and pin system or a swipe and pin system, ensuring secure and convenient transactions at the fuel pump.

Discounted Pricing

Xpress Fuels offers fuel at a fixed weekly price. Once they receive the transaction data, the quantity of litres purchased is calculated at the discounted rate.

Weekly Invoicing

Xpress Fuels compiles all the transactions made by your business in a given week, starting from Monday and concluding on Sunday. We then apply their fixed weekly pricing to these transactions.

Flexible Direct Debit

To assist with cash flow management, Xpress Fuels allows customers to determine when the invoice amount will be collected via direct debit. This flexibility enables businesses to align payments with their financial schedule.

Ongoing Process

Moving forward, you will receive a weekly invoice and, based on your chosen schedule, a weekly direct debit for the fuel expenses

  • Save money on your fuel bills

  • Reduce your administration time

  • 24/7 access to your online fuel card management 

  • HMRC approved invoices

  • Payment security

Benefits of a fuel card account!

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