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We save businesses on average up to 10% per annum on their fuel spend.


Our Fuel Cards

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Unlock Significant Savings with Our Fuel Cards.

At Xpress Fuels, we take pride in offering a compelling solution that empowers businesses to achieve substantial savings on fuel expenses.

Impressive Savings

  • Average annual saving of 10% on fuel expenses​

  • Fixed pricing​

  • Quality fuel from major oil brands like Shell, Esso, Texaco, and BP​

Strategic Fuel Procurement

  • Plan refuelling around your business​

  • Choose multiple networks to suit your need​

  • Discounts on all stations including motorways​

Streamlined Administration

  • Weekly invoicing so no need to keep paper VAT receipts​

  • Access our user-friendly online portal 24/7​

  • View, download, and manage invoices 

Enhanced Security

  • Set purchase restrictions

  • Personalise cards to specific drivers or registration numbers​

  • Track location, date & time of transactions​


If you are struggling with the ongoing costs for your business, or are unable to obtain a credit facility,  why not try our Pay Go option today!

This option provides you with the flexibility to pay upfront on a weekly basis for your fuel usage, taking away the worry of your account being on stop.


90% of our Pay Go customers are offered a full credit facility within the first 6 months of trading.


For more information contact our sales advisors on 01473 825 169

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Trees and Mountains

Join the greener future, by carbon offsetting with us!

Carbon offsetting is a simple and cost effective way to to reduce the impact the fuel you use has on the environment.

Xpress work with a number of renewable offsetting projects through our certified and trusted partners to purchase the equivalent carbon credits to your fuels CO2e output to balance out the impact. 

To find out more information visit our carbon offsetting page or alternatively speak to our experts on 01473 825 169

Looking to offset your fuel?

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